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Grayling Transportation Plan Update

Downtown GraylingLatest Updates from OHM Advisors:

1.Please take our survey for the Grayling Area Transportation Study!

2. Grayling Area Transportation Study Committee Update - 4-7-21.

3. Existing Conditions Memo 3-30-21.

4. A Public Meeting was held on May 4, 2021. Click here to access the recording

5. Final Documents: 

a. Grayling Area Transportation Study

b. Public Meeting Presentation

c. Public Meeting Boards

d. Public Meeting Recording - February 2022



The following is a summary of the action items to be completed for the Grayling Area Transportation Study: 

1.1. Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). Status: RFP was completed.

1.2. Disseminate RFP. Status: RFP was disseminated.

1.3. Meet with subcommittee to review proposals and select preferred proposal. Status: Proposals were reviewed. Subcommittee selected OHM Advisors.

1.4. Community Council’s approval and project award. Status: Project awarded to OHM.

1.5. Draft Contract for Council’s approval. Status: Draft contract completed.

1.6. Contract is signed by vendor and NEMCOG. Status: Contract signed.

1.7. Scope of Work is completed by Consultant:  Scope of work completed. 

1.7.a. Assess Existing Conditions – Collect and review traffic volume and  classification data, traffic generators, and identify major commercial and military vehicle routes. Existing conditions assessment completed. 

1.7.b. Assess Future Needs and Improvements – Using collected data, conduct traffic modeling and develop base year and future year traffic volume and patterns for the area, and identify road and intersection deficiencies. Future needs assessment completed. 

1.7.c. Develop Conceptual Geometric Alternatives and Cost Estimates – Using the existing and future needs analyses, develop alternatives to include I-75 interchange improvements, key local road and intersection improvements, pedestrian and other nonmotorized facilities, signal timing/phasing options, and traffic calming measures that will meet the future transportation needs of the Grayling area and Camp Grayling. Completed