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Implementing the JLUS Plan

The Camp Grayling Community Council is responsible for assisting with the JLUS implementation. The brochure below highlights overarching implementation strategies.







Camp Grayling Community Council Members

Following is a list of current members of the Camp Grayling Community Council:

COL Scott Meyers (Camp Grayling)
MAJ Christopher Graham (Camp Grayling)
CSM Kent Smith (Camp Grayling)
Camp Grayling Community Relations Rep. 
Ambrozaitis, Gabrial (MIARNG)
Compo, Paul (Crawford County) 
Stropaul, Russ (GF)
Neuman, Gary (Lovells Township)
Pratt, Doug (ES)  
Coors, Tom (Maple Forest Township)
Pallorito, Rob (Otsego County)                       
Glasser, Ken (Otsego County)
Barnes, Tom (DNR)
Stephan, Lacey (Grayling Charter Township) 
Smock, Joe (Grayling Charter Township) 
Cline, Denise (Northeast MI Council of Governments - NEMCOG)
Rekowski, Diane (Northeast MI Council of Governments - NEMCOG)
Johnson, Bill (Frederic Township)  
Villeppe, Sherrice (EFPOA)            
Alef, John (LMPOA)
Podjaske, Eric (City of Grayling)
Baum, Doug (City of Grayling)           
Sheriff Kraycs (Crawford County)
Stropaul, Hayley (Grayling Chamber)