JLUS Plan Cover

What is a JLUS?

A JLUS is a collaborative planning effort between military installations and their surrounding communities. They are designed to address compatibility issues and foster a strong working relationship among the military, local governments, and members of the community.

The Camp Grayling/Alpena CRTC Joint Land Use Study was completed in January of 2019. The pages accessed by the tabs above provide detailed information about the JLUS. We've provided the JLUS broken down into its parts on this page. Read more about the people that were involved in the JLUS here

The JLUS was funded by a Department of Defense (Office of Economic Adjustment) grant with matching funds from the State of Michigan. The grant was administered by the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) and was completed by Tetra Tech.

How is the JLUS being Implemented?

Strategies which were identified in the JLUS are being implemented by the Camp Grayling Community Council and the Alpena CRTC Community Council.


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