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Education & Outreach


2.1 Organize subcommittee of Camp Grayling and Alpena CRTC’s Community Councils to provide input, oversight and evaluation.

2.2  Hold subcommittee meetings/develop and disseminate educational information. 

2.2a: Educate the public on residential sound attenuation.  

2.2b: Educate the public on traffic routes and needs.  

2.2c: Educate and inform the public about night training.  

2.2d: Improve public outreach and access to information on the PFOS and PFOA issue along with other groundwater contamination concerns.

2.2e: Increase public awareness of ongoing wildfire management efforts and gather public input.  

2.2f: Develop a public education program on UXO (unexploded ordinance).

2.2i: Author and promote cooperation story of Alpena CRTC with Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

2.2j: Support water quality and aquatic ecology scientific communications to include Water Quality Summary Fact Sheets on surface water quality and ecological health to assist with public understanding of areas environmental health, groundwater.

2.2k: Develop information on the websites that summarizes facts and organizes resource links.

2.3  Organize and hold public forums and annual tours of bases to provide information on base programs and training events (i.e. existing water quality program, groundwater contamination, Northern Strike, events, etc.).